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Usually, flaring is not a problem. Some bettas may "blow" their fins, flaring a great deal that they tear them. If they do, keep their water especially clean and include a pinch of pre-dissolved aquarium salt to help you their fins heal. Other bettas may flare much that they exhaust themselves. If this is true, care should be made to lessen stimulus that triggers the betta to flare.

In tanks having a current, these are less likely in order to blow bubblenests, as the actual will split up the nest should they try to make one.

Some bettas, unfortunately, become tail-biters. Bettas bite for a variety of reasons, including stress, boredom, to ease the drag of the fins, as well as for reasons unfortunately we cannot understand. top quality betta fish for sale. It is important to distinguish between tail-biting along with a disease like tail rot each time a betta's fins start disappearing.

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