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Can Men and Women Be Just Friends?
I met a man via online dating called Loveawake about a year ago. We emailed a few times but we never had the chance to meet in real life because at that time I had already been dating “Sail Man” (marriage minded #2) for a couple of months and was about to enter an exclusive relationship with him.

Here are the facts:                            

I kept in touch with “Email Man” and quickly discovered that I would not have been interested in him anyway.
He wasn’t even officially divorced yet and had some other life issues that needed ironing out before he’d be a good candidate for anyone in my opinion.
I told him so gently and caringly and we’ve been just friends via email ever since.
He has had many casual meetings with women trying to get his feet wet after a very long marriage but realized I was right about his readiness for dating and hasn’t pursued anyone with any seriousness.
He asks my opinion about some of the women he meets.
As part of my research, I’ve picked his brain about the male animal as well.
Everything about our interactions screams “Platonic”. No flirting.
We only email a few times a month.

So here we go….He has invited me to meet him at a restaurant where his friend will be the night’s entertainment. He says he really wants to finally meet me so he can pair a live personality to my emails.

I don’t have the details yet; whether he’ll be with a group of friends or we’ll be one on one.

I said yes for a few reasons:

I’m curious to see him in person too.
An evening out just plain sounds like fun.
He knows I don’t think of this as a date.
He knows we are just friends.

But it’s the age old question. Can men and women really be just friends?

I have no feelings or intentions. There are things about him that genuinely disqualify him as a candidate for me.

Nor do I have any reason to believe he is interested in me, but I don’t KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt what he’s thinking or may begin to think if we bring our friendship into real life…

Of course I have had male friends before but some had confessed years later that they always secretly wanted to sleep with me.

Does that mean we really weren’t “just friends”?

Anyway, we are meeting this Sat, the 10th. I’ll let you know how it goes….


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